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January 4
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

If you are too young or can not handle these situations,please avoid from reading this,please!


You smiled,humming <fav song> as your hips shook to the beat a little as your index finger quickly and carefully slipped the cooked meat onto the bottom bun.Tonight,for your darling Amelia,you were making burgers!

As you placed the tomato,lettuce,and the condiments onto the burger,you heard the door open the softly click shut.Soft taps came from the hallway and you immediately called out “Welcome home,hun!”

Amelia squealed as you called out.She rushed to the kitchen in an instant and looked shocked.”I thought you were still taking a nap?!” You looked over your shoulder,giving her a confused look.”No,if I was still asleep I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight!”Turning back to your work you finished placing the top bun on the now finished burger and moved to yours,specialising it in your own,personal way.

“True,true.”She walked up behind you,leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your cheek.”So,what are yo-NO WAY?!YOUR MAKING HAMBURGERS?!”You grinned at her reaction.”YOURS PUT McDONALDS TO SHAME!”he exclaimed as she reached for one.

Slapping her hand with a dirty hand,you frowned at her now pouting face.”You know the rules!Go wash your hands while I finish dinner!”

She scowled playfully,rubbing her wrist gently.”Fine!”She whipped around,a rustling noise catching your attention.”What’s that?”You asked,nodding to a black bag she had apparently set down at the door way.

“Hm?This?Oh,you’ll have to wait for that~!”She grinned,snapping her and quickly pointing her index fingers at you with a wink and a grin.

You ignored her actions with a roll of the eyes and went back to finishing the special dinner.Amelia had returned after a lengthy amount of time.yoU Questioned her about it,but she blew it off by switching topics.Casual things,such as ‘How was your day’ and ‘So this chick at work...’ and so on.

Of course it came time to retire for the night,yet neither of you were exactly ‘tired’ Why not wear yourselves out~?

No curve was left untouched that night.You had the pleasure of being beneath her.Amelia on all fours above you as your tongue entwined with each other's,your hands getting the chance to grope her rear as her booty shorts slowly rid up her thighs to expose some lower cheek.

She gladly squeezed your love handles,which she had convinced you to keep because-I qoute ‘They’re called love handles for a reason,love~.’.You’ve come to love them and found them to be rather useful in bed.

Her cowboy boots hit the floor with a loud thud,your shirt was next.She had apparently anticipated this tonight,because when you untied her blouse,her medium sized mounds bounced as they were freed.

Everything was like the usual nights,foreplay to the max,fingering and eating each other out,and the second you were about the go down on our girlfriend again,she stopped you.

“N-No,w-wait!Wait…!I got us something for tonight!”You looked up to her as she stopped you.Her hands pushing your shoulders to force you to sit up straight and she quickly leaned to the side of the bed,feeling around beneath the bed.When she came back up,your jaw dropped and your body stiffened.

In her hands,was a double ended cloudy <fav color> vibrator.”I thought it could help spice things up!Yeah know...I’ve been wanting to try different things,and you said ok!?”

She seemed nervous behind that smile.Obviously she was worried you would object,but knowing you you were up to try most things.

You nodded “Yeah,I did...Bu-””GREAT!Quick,turn around and get on your hands and knees!””But I-!”You were silenced as she pushed one of your shoulders,indicating for you to go on.

You turned and settled onto your hands and knees.Not being able to see anything got you a bit nervous,especially when you saw her arm reach to the nightstand and grab a bottle of lube.A wet noise came from behind you,obviously she was preping the new toy she had gotten.

The bottle hit the floor and you felt a hand rub the extra lube on her hands onto your entrance and easily slip a few fingers into you.

“O-Ooo~!”You gasped when she curved her fingers then removed them.She shifted behind you,causing the behind to squeak beneath you and tilt your body in different directions until she stopped moving.

Slowly,one end of the object began to push into you.A few whimpers and moans slipped from your lips as it was eased in deeper.To help,the blonde reached down and rubbed your clit roughly,a gasp coming from you again as your hips bucked and she easily slid the rest of the end in.

It was much longer than you thought,and you were already beginning to enjoy the nice bumpy ridges that adjourned it.

Once again Amelia was shifting about from behind you.A hand pat your thigh a few times.”M-move up some,would ya hun?”You heard her hushed voice and you crawled forward to the headboard.

“Spread your legs to,please.”Doing as told,your knees separated wider from each other.You groaned when the head of the toy started poking about when she grabbed the other end and fit it inside her as well.

You could feel her rear press against your as she panted and took her end to the hilt as well.”Th-this is somethin’ else,huh ____?!” She moaned from behind you.You could barely answer,but you managed a “Yeah…” as her body pressed the toy deeper inside of you.

“R-ready?”She asked and you nodded and called back to her”Uh-hu…!”She groaned when reached under her and flipped the small switch at the hilt where the two met.

The toy started vibrating lowly immediately,casing a few girlish squeals and moans to escalate from you two.You moaned when Amelia pulled away and moved her rear back towards you.

The ridges pushing against your walls as well as vibrating made you feel as though you were in heaven!Quickly you began to repeat her actions,the two of you pulling away and slamming back towards eachother.Looking back,you could see Amelia on her forearms,looking back with a deep blush and watching your fluids drip from your openings.

Looking up to hers,you could see through the cloudy <fav color> vibrater that her walls were tightening and practically visibly pulsing as the toy was pulled and thrusted back into her.You licked your lips,closing your eyes and frowning as you concentrate,pulling your hips back and ramming them back into hers.

Amelia gasped and groaned out your name,along with a few curses and somewhere along the line you could hear her say ‘Do it again’.Which was exactly what you did!As you slammed hips with her,you opened your eyes to find her collapsed on her chest,the reflection from the large mirror at the end of your bed showing her open mouth and hazy eyes filled with lust as she gasped and panted for more.

Reaching to the switch,you turned up the vibrations,causing both of your legs to twitch as wave of pleasure coursed through your bodies and a breathless moan called out to you.”O-oh god…!____!I-I don’t know how much longer I can l-last~!””M-me too,Amel!”

Your hips moved faster as you helped encourage each other’s finish.A few more thrusts into each other,your rears met as your head was thrown back and you screamed her name as your juices gushed from your womanhood.

Fluids ran down your thighs,some yours,some most likely from Amelia as well.You collapsed to the bed,Amelia yelping as the vibrator was yanking her down,causing her to squeal and pull away.More of your releases poured from your pussies when Amelia pulled the toy out of the two of you.She turned it off and gently tossed it to the floor,deciding to deal with it tomorrow.

She darted beneath the sheets,pulling you with her.Being too tired to protest,you cuddled your back up against her chest and murmured a ‘Good night’ before you both fell into a deep,much needed and earned sleep.
Oh lordy this was a bit kinky!I really wanted to call Fem!America Annabelle or Annabeth,but I just stuck with Amelia since the fans know her better as that.

Second yuri lemon!Sorry if there are any misspelling or if your poor little nose couldn't take the heat!I apologize!

I do not own you or Hetalia,just the literature.
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YifeiTheMagicalChibi Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Writer
Amelia is love. Amelia, is life. (Jk jk that Shrek thing is nasty as eff. We shall never mention it again.) love the story though! Oh yess I LUV IT SO MUCH :3
Flutterdrunk-222 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  New member
.......My name is Amelia....I'm so creeped out... NON NON NON NONFrance (Denies) [V1]  France (Scared) [V2] but great story either way!!
rina1999 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Holy shits on a stick this was amazing!
...I am officially bi!XD
Ariel4248 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see you on alot of yuri lemons
rina1999 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
your the second person to tell me that!XD
yeah i am on alot of them becaue for some odd reaon,i love them!XD
haibabe Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
right, though?... there's another world out there (America: OMFG! YOU JUST BROKE THE FOURTH WALL *Dramatically collapses*) with people just like us...
rina1999 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
your right about that.^^
haibabe Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WOAH. Thats a first..
rina1999 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hehe XD
Bokukokhmer Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
I approve
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